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Event Registration / Payment Function

Task: Event Registration / Payment Function

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In an effort to standardize payment options, can we incorporate an event registration plugin / ability on the web site? 

Right now paying for an event is a bit of a convoluted process
 - If they make a payment via paypal on the web site, the person running the event has to communicate with the person who manages the paypal account to know who's paid for what)
 - If they want to pay in person at AHA, there's no current way of doing that
 - - This can possibly be worked out with Ops POS system.

Having both a standard local, and online way of paying for events will make it easier for people to register, and thus pay for classes. It will also help us keep track of how popular classes are. It will also provide a more professional response to people.

This seems like a decent solution: with the pro upgrade: would be $75 to get the online version functional.

Alternative options like:, and other ticketing services take a significant cut out of the ticket price.