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Front Door Locking Mechanism

Task: Front Door Locking Mechanism

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If we wish to increase our number of paying members, while continuing to provide "24/7" access as a perk for paying members, then we're going to need a better locking mechanism.

The current solution is limited to 20 keys. This limits our membership to ~15 paying members (Ops Employees, Landlord, etc.)

This item doesn't have to be directly worked on by the board, but it is something the board should be responsible for making sure it gets done.

Various solutions have been proposed:

Oishi is on the front line for this (8/3/2011)

Xander Honkala & RFID functionality interfaced w/existing lock.

Nate Dotz & keeping all the same hardware, but replacing the brain w/an Arduino.

Matt Mayers also had an idea, but I can't remember what it is specifically.

Basic List of Requirements:

0) Coordinate all changes far ahead of schedule.
ie: All Hands Active Members, Digital Ops, and the Landlord all need to know how to access the facility, AND have the means to do so BEFORE the new locking system is implemented.

1) The system has to work reliably. We provide the only access point to the boiler system for a building that takes up half a block:

2) Support at least 100 unique codes and/or RFID tags

3) Admin can change / update Codes and/or RFID tags or access easily

4) Easy to switch from locked to unlocked

5) Ability to have door auto lock (ie: Current door, if in locked mode, will unlock for a few seconds upon entry of code, and then resume locked mode)

6) People inside must always be able to open the door to exit, regardless of whether or not door is in locked mode.
7) Admin Accessible audit trail of what keys / codes were used in the past 72 hours or more, and any modifications to access keys / codes.
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Assigned: Unassigned » Oishi

Oishi is on this, woohoo!

If a solution isn't implemented by September 1st, we have board approval to spend $500 on product. Double check w/Workantile to see what their solution is prior to spending $$$.