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Finalize Art Show Donor Materials

Task: Finalize Art Show Donor Materials



Honorable Mention in Media!: $5
As we post updates and make a video of how great it all went, your name (and beautiful face if we have a picture of you) will be posted in our videos relating to this campaign, and also on our website!
2 Claimed
Limited Edition Wearables!: $20
You will receive a pair of limited edition earrings, made from electronic parts! You will also receive reduced costs for these classes should you choose to attend, and honorable mention!
2 Claimed
CD With Music From Our Makers!: $50
You'll receive a RARE collection of music produced, mixed, and made by some of our talent. The case that holds this awesome audio beauty is ONE OF A KIND and no one will have one like it! You'll also receive a pair of limited edition earrings, and reduced costs for these classes! (Also, cupcakes, if you tell us when you will be here)
1 Claimed   (4 More Available)
The Sweetest Labcoat Ever!: $100
On top of electronic earrings, cheap costs for these classes, and a RARE CD from our makers, you will receive a lab coat like no other. We will screen-print,embroider, and add shiny blinky things to it, all done up to be the most awesome lab coat you will ever own. No one is the same!
2 Claimed   (1 More Available)