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Project: Outreach


Outreach is all about bringing other communities to the movement for DE's first makerspace, and getting them involved.


  • Identifying potential Partners, Sponsors, and Supporters.
  • Finding events where you could network for us, or event better, speak about us.
  • Finding and reaching out to other communities and people who have needs the space can meet.
  • Creating and Maintaining connection tools, like the blog, facebook, twitter, or linked in.
  • Broadcasting far and wide about the work we are doing to get this space going! 

This project contains tasks that are a 'to do list' -action steps within the larger Outreach Project. When the Outreach Team meets together or does work individually, they can use the tasks here as an agenda and conversation points.

Project Tasks
Task Due Assigned Priority Type Status Updatedsort icon Likes
Who ya gonna call? 1622 days late Normal Task Open 4 years ago
Publicizing our UpComing Events 1638 days late Normal Task Open 4 years ago
Speaking at the Rotary Club Brian Scatasti Normal Task Open 4 years ago
Barrel of Makers