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Publicizing our UpComing Events

Task: Publicizing our UpComing Events

Due Date: 
Friday, Nov 2

We are having another interest meeting on Oct 21st, and the Collaborative/Interactive Art Show on Nov 2nd.  We need to get the word out.  We had a great first interest meeting because... 

Everyone did a supreme job publishing the first interest meeting on your facebook pages,

as well as getting out and having conversations with people:

  • Josh and Brian went to Gamers Night at UD
  • Dan and Josh talked to their Rotary
  • Katie and Brian went all around Newark and Old New Castle and had great conversations. 
  • Dan and I represented at Community Day
  • I spoke about the meeting at coIN Loft's Tech MeetUp & on twitter
  • Brian and I got flyers distributed in conjunction with the Art Loop in Wilmington.

This is AWESOME!  Can we follow up on all these efforts? Get out the business cards, numbers, and e-mails and send out our Eventbrite

Barrel of Makers