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Who ya gonna call?

Task: Who ya gonna call?

Due Date: 
Sunday, Nov 18

We want to talk to them,

They want to talk to us.

Who are they?

THEY, are in this doc.



Read, add, amend, you got this.

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Jessi et al,

I would also suggest that the Board consider what it is that we are asking these people to do. Are we asking for their support? Their money? Their participation? Or just to have them know who we are and to pass along our information to other people? 



Hm.  Thank you, Will. I was thinking about it too. I'd say it depends on the organization/person.  What if we change "type" on the spreadsheet to "how could this connection be mutually beneficial?"


I think 'Type' is about right, if we use the terms you used at the meeting. Community, Financial, Potential Members, Network.

Barrel of Makers