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Monthly Make-A-Long

Task: Monthly Make-A-Long

Assigned To: 
Jessi Spencer Taylor
Due Date: 
Sunday, Dec 9

We decided to hold a Make-A-Long every Second Sunday at the Creative Vision Factory, from 1-4pm

We will ask for RSVPs to ensure that we'll have enough supplies.

Makers can bring whatever they are working on, or take part in a project that will be taught:


December 9th: Finger Knitting

Teachers: Kim, Carol, and Katie

January 13th: Paper Cicuits/Electronics 

Teachers: Brian Givens and _______.

February 10th: Pop-Up Paper Craft (Valentines)

Teachers: Brian Givens and Carol


Ideas for future Make-A-Longs:

Office Supplies as building materials (catapults)

PVC marshmellow guns


Soldering w/ kit

Braided rug/hot pad

Alterred Books (Upcycling)

Candle making (from broken candles)

Fleece (no sew projects)

Cigar-box Guitar


To do:

1. Confirm place and time (Jessi will contact Michael Kalmbach)

2. Set up the Eventbrite so people can RSVP

3. Set up a Facebook event

4. Make a poster

5. Gather supplies:

  1. Balls of yarn,
  2. Scissors,
  3. Old magazines and books for the paper project
    1. For planning for the pop-up project, Brian has a number of paper engineering books and class materials to refer to.
  4. Wires, etc for paper circuits:
    1. The kit discussed in the meeting is:
    2. This makes a simple musical instrument with inexpensive parts and no soldering
    3. This should be a fun project. Quick, a little bit of science, some making, lots of making noise at the end.
    4. They sell the basic kit for $0.50 ea, cheaper with bulk discount.
    5.  In addition to this kit, we would need a power supply (single D-cell battery will power several people), a speaker (ideally one per person) and jumper wires. We'll also need paper and pencils.
    6. The PAIA site mentions selling full equipment kits for class settings (including speakers, pwer supplies and jumpers) I'll look into this, but we can probably scrounge up a lot of it free or cheaply.
    7. How many kits do we want to get? Maybe after the first make-a-long, we will have an general idea.
    8. I (Brian) have a complete kit (from Makerfaire). We could have it up and running at the first make-along as advertising.




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