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Project: Resources



Resources are the power sources of the space. These can include sponsorships, membership dues, grants, donations, gifts and other contributions. The Resources team helps the community ask for, and get, what it needs to make the space sustainable.

  • Create and maintain a draft budget for the space
  • Organize and maintain tools for collecting and tracking donations, grants, and gifts
  • Start and maintain a global wish list of resources
  • Collect, review, and share data and information about resources received
  • Establish philosophies and procedures for showing gratitude, appreciation, and thanks

This project contains tasks that are a 'to-do list' for Resources activities. When the Resources Team meets or does work, they can use the tasks here as an agenda and conversation starters.

Project Tasks
Task Due Assigned Priority Type Status Updatedsort icon Likes
Plan our First Fundraiser 1594 days late Normal Task Open 4 years ago
Barrel of Makers