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Plan our First Fundraiser

Task: Plan our First Fundraiser

Due Date: 
Sunday, Dec 16

The idea: a fundraiser run once a year by The First State Woodturners, to fantastic result, where wood and metal workers collaborate for a weekend and then hold an auction of the resulting works.  

What we need: 

  • Supplies (wood, metal, paints, sprays, glue, laquer, etc)
  • Professional woodworkers and metalworkers
  • An auctioneer
  • A place to work:
    UD Studio Arts Building
    DCAD Workshop
    CoIN Loft

  • A time to work (3 days straight-Friday, Saturday, Sunday):
    Spring Break
    3 Saturdays instead

  • Collectors to attend the auction
    Delaware Art Museum
    Ken Grant
    Jeni Barton
  • Food: Dinner for the Auction, Lunches for the work days.
    (LOMA donates for events)
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Ideas for who to contact about food for makers (lunches, coffee breaks) as well as the auction dinner: Do you personally know anyone who you could contact at LOMA Dunkin Donuts Brew Haha The Table at Brandywine (STIR winners) Scrumptious (trolley sq) Whereabouts Cafe Grocery Stores (the bakery department?) DiMaeo's ....other ideas?

Do you personally know anyone who you could contact for supplies at: Lowe's Home Depot 84 Lumber Make a Craigslist ad

Where to find woodworkers and metal workers: create a Craigslist ad

Auctioneer: could we do a silent auction? Do we need professional?

we'll be going over this stuff sunday

Barrel of Makers