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Create spreadsheet of potential members

Task: Create spreadsheet of potential members

Assigned To: 
James Carlson
Due Date: 
Monday, Jul 15

Create a spreadsheet listing potential advisory board members, so we can discuss these folks and determine who to invite and track invitations.

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Folks to include:

  • Broad-level thinkers on tech, education, changing the world of tech
  • Folks who can and will evangelize the effort to their own networks


Sarah made a Google docs spreadsheet of potential advisory board members. Comment / email if you need access.


Due Date: Friday, Apr 19»Sunday, Jun 23

Would like to get ideas from other people.... Rachel will put a call out to the RailsBridge list for thought leaders who might be good additions to our advisory board.


Assigned To: Sarah Allen»James Carlson
Due Date: Sunday, Jun 23»Monday, Jul 15

not sure what the next step here is... we have a spreadsheet of potential members, but I'm not sure how to evaluate what the right group is.