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Fill out Google vendor page

Task: Fill out Google vendor page

Assigned To: 
James Carlson
Due Date: 
Sunday, Aug 25

If you have received payment from Google before please email me at the exact name and address that was used during

vendor setup.


If you have never been paid by Google before, please complete the

following steps so that you will be set up as a vendor in our

accounting system:


  * Go to  and

complete the application.

  * Please make sure you attach a W8-BEN if you are not in the US,

and a W9 if you are in the US.

  * Put the following information in the Requestor Information section:

        o Requestor Name - Cat Allman

        o Requestor Phone -+1.650.214-4886

        o Requestor email -

        o Country where goods and services are being delivered - United States


  * Please make sure that you select the correct currency for your

payments; the currency you select here *must* match the currency that

later appears on your invoice.



Please email me at once you have set yourself up in

our books, including the name and address used for vendor setup.  It

will take approximately 48 hours for your information to percolate

through our system. We will then generate a PO# and send it to you.


Please note that we cannot accept your invoice until you receive a

Purchase Order from Google.  Your invoice must reference this Purchase

Order number on your invoice, and the invoice MUST be dated AFTER the

issue date of the PO# in order to obtain payment.