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New Member Procedure

Project: New Member Procedure


I'm not sure if this is the correct place to put this, but here goes.  We need to establish a procedure for new member signup.  Here is the root of an idea, please comment/modify/destroy:

  • Potential member signs waiver and fills out an application.
  • Potential member is made a "probationary member" and allowed to tour the facility, use any of the "green"(explanation to come) level tools, contribute to discussions, etc.
  • At this point the application can be approved/denied(by the board or member comittee).  If the application is approved the member continues to be a probationary member for 1 month.
  • During the probationary period if a mamber does anything stupid(dangerous/misuse of tools, etc) the membership will be revoked.  We need to be very clear about this.  
  • I think we need to be very strict on safety/misuse of tools(even for members) but I think that we might be able to have slightly looser(3 strikes vs. 1 strike?) rules.

A different issue entirely, but a thought about tool certification:  What if we have "levels"

  • green - only a waiver is required for use.
  • yellow - somewhat dangerous to use correctly - a waiver and a short certification class(test?) needs to be taken.
  • red - potentially dangerous/hard to use - a waiver and intense class needs to be taken for use?

I'm not really sure how we should split that up. It's potential that we just need two levels of certification:  member use and restricted.  The color scheme might be useful as a clear guide for what members can/cannot use(and what they need to do to get access).