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New Equipment Installations

Project: New Equipment Installations

Tim Syth

Are you attemping to bring new equipment to Bucketworks? Want to install a kiln, drill, saw? Laser?

Please create a case and copy and paste the form below into it, then fill out the details so we can manage the process transparently and visible to all members.

  • Equipment type:
  • Size (dimensions, height, width, depth, weight):
  • Preferred installation location:
  • Electrical requirements:
  • Venting or exhaust:
  • Installation date:
  • Move-in process:
  • Who is responsible for the equipment:
  • What is the intended use of the equipment:
  • Would other members be able to use the equipment:
Project Tasks
Task Due Assigned Priority Type Status Updatedsort icon Likes
Vacuum former / Electric stove 1833 days late Normal Task Open 4 years ago