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Capture the Mylar Blueprints

Task: Capture the Mylar Blueprints

Assigned To: 
James Carlson

There's a stack of mylar blueprints from the original Bucketworks, with cool line art ideas. I'd like these to be captured and added to a Prezi.

  1. Set up the light box so you can take the pictures of the mylar sheets
  2. Photograph each sheet (my camera is in the office locker)
  3. (Share some results of these pics before proceeding so we can see how they look quality-wise.)
  4. Clean up images (turn into line art with transparency)
  5. Drop and place into a Prezi just as a grid



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Assigned To: Sasha Hay»James Carlson
Due Date: Tuesday, May 15»Friday, Jun 8

I am claiming this task as I've found an old Flickr feed with the images.


Status: Open»Deferred
Due Date: Friday, Jun 8»Tuesday, Sep 18

Maybe this will be my winter project! Clearing due date.