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Create page for Activities and Services

Task: Create page for Activities and Services

Assigned To: 
Sharon Lerman
Due Date: 
Friday, May 4

Let's create a page on that describes at a high level the activities and services that we can offer through Bucketworks to the community:

  1. Value Gathering: half or full day group building / team building / value building activities
  2. Open Art: 12 week program for getting people into creativity
  3. Meeting Facilitation: we will facilitate your meeting and help you work together

We can use pictures from the archive of images from previous Value Gatherings and Open Art activities.

Once this page is up, let's add a new column to the existing referencing this new page.

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We should also include systems design. Collaboration and communication applied your project-model. We'll provide system recommendations for hardware, software and humanware.


And now: iPad for your business, Prezi for business (Presented by the Bucket Brigade) -- OpenAtrium for your Non-Profit.