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Create 2012-2013 Calendar for Bucketworks

Task: Create 2012-2013 Calendar for Bucketworks

Assigned To: 
Tim Syth
Due Date: 
Friday, Jun 29

Create a calendar that summarizes the seasonal year of Bucketworks.

Base this off of the current dashboard spreadsheet.

Make it into a banner we can hang on the wall and show everyone what happens each year.

Calendar features: 

  • Meetups
  • Unconferences
  • Hackathons
  • Festivals and Events
  • Parties and meetings
  • Summertime dial-down
  • Fall vacation for staff
  • Spring vacation for staff
  • Holidays when we're closed
  • Building Upgrade days
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Due Date: Friday, May 25»Friday, Jun 8

Recommend we hang the whiteboard with the blue tape and post in Commons. 

"Reasons to come here"

and list all current meetups, planned unconferences, buildhealth, barcamp, Photocamp in fall, etc.

What else can we list on this?

If we go to 2013 summer, we could put the next WordCamp and other planned events for spring on the list.

Due by June 8.


Is the whiteboards you think the best idea? Could we use the projector and use our calendar that is already largely made? 

My concern is putting in a lot of time and effort into the white boards, which effectively is an entirely manual operation, difficult to update, and would only serve useful for this singular event. 

Additional thoughts?


This is a good point... perhaps we should just do it with a flatscreen in the lobby. I do like the idea of printing out flyers and sticking them on a board, because they're always there and paper has a lower electricity cost for operating than a screen ;) 


Project: Host Bucketworks 10th Anniversary Party on June 8»
Due Date: Friday, Jun 8»Friday, Jun 29

Moving to Marketing / Communications project and pushing to 6/29.


This is something I think we can get Armando involve in? I think if should give him some basic tools / instructions and let him figure out how best to do it. His learning is primarily going to come from trial and error and to date he has done well with limited instruction.