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Bucketworks flyers to print!

Task: Bucketworks flyers to print!

Assigned To: 
James Carlson
Due Date: 
Friday, Jun 8

Do we have the flyer updated and ready to go to print? What printer have we used previously? Thanks.

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Tim - spoke to you just now, realized you meant the brochure, not the flyer. attaching the updated version in pdf form. 

I prefer by far the people at speedy print. They are nearby and work very fast if neccesary and have very competitive rates with the larger chains. 

They also have a 15% off coupon if we order before the 31st. I'm including this coupon as well. 



Assigned To: Sasha Hay»James Carlson
Due Date: Thursday, May 31»Friday, Jun 8

Tim, what do you think of the 2007/2009 versions that Patrick came up with? I think we could rejuvinate these layouts and use them for the 10th anniversary brochure. Patrick, can you share the indd files or package so we can update? 

This is on my mind because I've had many requests this weekend at WordCamp for a brochure.