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Wifi Heat report

Task: Wifi Heat report

Assigned To: 
Tim Syth
Due Date: 
Sunday, Aug 5

Just did a wireless map of bucketworks. Turns out we might need two more acess points to be placed in the coworking and possiably lounge. we have the acess points allready but need power supplys. they need to be 48 volt cisco aironet 1230 G serises to be compatiable with the current system we have.

I have included the heat maps below.

green means extramly high, orange means intermedite and  red means bearly useable

first floor

second floor

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Awesome to have a visual like this! I cropped just the building out and scaled to a floor plan image to see what just 'inside the bldg' looks like, then overlayed them. Just wanted to see the building isolated from the hugely generous free WIFI we offer the neighborhood. :)

Is there a way to see higher contrast between green and red with the tool you used to make the image?

1st fl2nd fl



Unfortanly no but we might be able to photo edit it a bit....


But you think that expanding access points will "spread the green"? How many users or IPs can connect at the same time at the present time?



 Cisco recommends no more than 25 clients per AP, but it can easily handle more.  How many more simply depends on your conditions.


Keep a few things in mind:

1.  Your actual data rate is generally a little less than half your advertised rate (22Mbps on a 54Mbps link, for example)

2.  You're sharing the ACTUAL data rate with every other client on the AP.  So if 20 users are sharing a 54Mbps connection, they'll all get barely over 1Mbps

3.  Any slow clients, 802.11b or otherwise, take more time to communicate with the AP and thus slow all other clients down

4.  RF space is a shared medium, and congestion avoidance mechanisms in 802.11 start creating a LOT of overhead as you increase client count significantly.  This starts dropping your actual data rate, so you might start getting only ~15Mbps on a 54Mbps connection.

 rember this is per ap.

but in terms of spreading the "green" yes.


Dan, can you get me a model # or SKU or something on those power supplies? I just want to be sure to get the right thing.



US $19.99 + 13.48 shipping


Is a good deal for both the power and injector. I would offer 15.34 and see if he bites.


otherwise the power sku is 34-1537-01

and the sku for power over ethernet adapter is air-pwrinj3

the power over ethernet adapter isnt complelty nessary but if we want it to only have one wire that runs out to the device it is. other wise there will need to be power near by. we have one more of the air-pwrinj3 left if i rember correctly.


Assigned To: »Tim Syth

bump tim? what we decide


How many of these do I need to get?


just one.