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bucketworks and barcamp ssl certs

Task: bucketworks and barcamp ssl certs

Assigned To: 
Dan Walters
Due Date: 
Friday, Aug 31

This is a courtesy notification to inform you that your SSL Certificate is coming up for renewal  in 30 days for the following:

Standard (Turbo) SSL (1 Year) (annual) (
Standard (Turbo) SSL (1 Year) (annual) (

please let me know if you would like them renewed. if not the sites will not be secure.

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Project: Building Maintenance and Operations»Technical Support

Moving to correct project.

#2  well if i dont get an answer soon they will expire. I just got a call from sll provider saying they have been set to expire.


Assigned To: Tim Syth»Dan Walters

Dan, where are we on this? Do I need to take action here?


I renewed the certs but we need to do the tech step of updating them on the site.