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Price out dust collection system

Task: Price out dust collection system

Assigned To: 
Felisha Wild
Due Date: 
Friday, Sep 28

Check specs on a new system and troll Craigslist to know what used systems are going for.

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Dust collection for the proposed shop has to be large enough to handle the space as well as multiple tools.  The collection pipe size is recommended to be at minimum 6 inches.

I'm basing this recommendation on Bill Pentz's site that has excellent information on dust collection and the environmental impact of dust and dust collection.

Also a 2 stage dust collector is ideal but there are a few other options.

Grizzly Tools has a lower end dust collector that meets the minimum specifications for a shop of this size.  The cost new is around $700 including shipping.  This dust collector can be converted to a relatively efficient dust collector inexpensively.  Also older dust collectors of this make and model on occasion crop up on Craigslist for around $300-$400.

Graduating to a true two stage dust collector with a dust separating cyclone increases the cost considerably.  Clearvue has a system that runs around $1700 with shipping.

Dust collectors in the 3 horsepower and up range with specifications to run a shop is going to be $1500 and up.

The piping used could be standard HVAC metal pipe that has been taped to prevent air leaks.  Each tool that is on the dust collector would have a blast gate that can be opened while the tool is in operation.  The blast gates are around $20 each and there are 6-8 tool stations that would be covered, at a cost of $120 - $180 total.

Finally there would have to be flexible hoses to facilitate the connection from the ridgid pipe to the tool.  6 inch is aproximately $100 for 25 feet of hose that should be able to cover the shop's needs.

There also would be costs of hangers from the ceiling to run the pipe, aluminum tape, and possible fittings for each of the tools.


Can you distill the dust collection system down into a specific "ask"? This meaning just spes and materials for the entire dust collection system, then we'll blog it and start looking.


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