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Create safety protocols

Task: Create safety protocols

Assigned To: 
Felisha Wild
Due Date: 
Wednesday, Oct 31

Create a "user's manual" that will educate and inform on best practices.

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Here is some basic verbiage to consider as we start on the safety protocols.


We have a shop safety foreman on duty at all times. To use the
facility, members and block time users must read and agree to our
safety manual, and pass a safety check in which the foreman explains
and demonstrates the safe operation of each piece of machinery. Then
the user demonstrates the operation to the foreman and answers some
basic questions based on the safety manual. The primary safety check
covers a core set of equipment. Members can then request safety checks
for machines outside of the primary check. Users can only use machines
for which they have been checked.


safety classes are offered to beginning woodworkers who would like to learn how to use all of the power tools, and a written test is required as well. Try woodworking today; this is a skill that will last you a lifetime.