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Generate a list of expendables

Task: Generate a list of expendables

Assigned To: 
Felisha Wild
Due Date: 
Wednesday, Oct 31

What sorts of things can we expect to routinely purchase (such as drill bits, saw blades, glue, router bits, etc)?

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Initial list of expendables in the materials shop ( If you think of more please add them to the list )


Drill bits

Glue, wood glue, CA glue, polyurethane glue

Finishes, oils ( tung, salad bowl finish, etc...)

Screws, drywall screws of different lengths

Lumber, 2x4's for internal structures, work benches, jigs, ...

Saw blades, blades for saws, sharpening

Sand paper, various grits for sanding projects, sheets, belts, drums

marking material, pencils, pens, markers


garbage bags

dust collector bags

router bits, replace or sharpen when dull


2nd list

Grinding wheels

planer and jointer knives : Sharpening and replacing when appropriate