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Bucketworks Bathroom Upgrades

Project: Bucketworks Bathroom Upgrades

Due Date: 
Monday, Dec 31
Tim Syth
James Carlson

Let's ring in 2013 with more optimal bathrooms at Bucketworks! This project contains the background knowledge and action steps to making newer, better, brighter bathrooms at Bucketworks a reality.

Our goal is to get to 2013 with new bathrooms on the 1st floor.

Our stretch goal is to get to 2013 with new bathrooms on both floors.

The Notebook pages associated with this proejct contain our background information and statistics on the rooms in their current state, including floor plans and dimensions. 

Want to help?

Take on a task in this project. Share your progress by making comments. If you decide to take something on, assign it to yourself so we know who is responsible.