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Post the original Bucketworks wiki at

Task: Post the original Bucketworks wiki at

Assigned To: 
James Carlson
Due Date: 
Friday, May 25

During its peak, Bucketworks used a PMWiki installation as its website and team communications tool. At the time, we set up PMWiki to prevent Google from indexing its pages, which is a decision that I now regret as we had years of history in that wiki.

The goal of this task is to post the Bucketworks wiki online somewhere so that the community and others can find the content we created during the 2003-2007 timeframe. More than four years worth of contributions from members and staff are documented in this wiki, and it would be beneficial for the community to have access to the collected learnings and achievements of the group.

For the time being, the first task is to find the tar.gz file which contains the entire archive of the site and put it up somewhere. Then we'll be looking for a technically minded volunteer to help us get it up and running on our website.

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Is the old Big Bucket server still around? Wasn't all that stuff archived there? Or somewhere on the Steadfast acct? Would Tegan know?


Now that Sasha is working on the history projects, I really need to find that old wiki. Sasha is scanning and dating all the press kit materials, and is having a hard time correlating a flyer to a date time.


came across some old stuff

barcamp stuff

bucketworks radio ad

bucketworks info.



if u guys knew of any site that had linked to the wiki... then we might be ok yet :).

old bucketworks website from 2003



Thanks Dan! Cool finds. I know I have the wiki in a backup file somewhere. But I think it covers only 2004-2007 period.


Due Date: »Friday, May 25

I'm giving myself until the 25th to find a version. I've pinged Tegan on it, and I think we have an archive of the wiki's directory on an external hard drive here. It'll take some time to connect them all, make an index, and see if it's here.