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Apiary on Deck Roof

Project: Apiary on Deck Roof


I'm proceeding with the rennovation of the deck space to accomodate four Beehives. Plan is to open the lattice wall end of the deck and construct a gated stairway to the asphalt rooftop. I've laid out three 4x8 plastifoam mats to preserve the roof and placed deck blocks to hold two stacked box beehives in a location that permits maximium viewing from the loung windows and safe viewing from the deck area. I'm going to cut back the lattice wall to 4ft height and install an 8in wide table surface allowing people to observe bee activity better.

Also installing two Beepods against the railing facing the Workshop... the Bees will exit through the railing towards the window and up, keeping the deck safe for people. This is an optimum setup for showcasing both hive designs. The Stacked Box hives require a larger safety zone while the Beepods can be used for hands-on education.

Also starting to plan for a rainwater catchment system with a solar lift pump that can feed a rooftop reservior setup to watering system for terraced container gardens and flowers.... will bee awesome...

I'm supplying all materials and labor for apiary but looking for participation and partnership in the water sys and gardens...

5/24/2012 - CLOSED because we have BEE PODS on the Deck! Yay!! -JDK