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Create a page on for every room in the building

Task: Create a page on for every room in the building

Assigned To: 
Jenn Turner

We need a complete virtual tour. This means that under, there should be a page for each and every room in the building:

  • Meetup
  • Gallery
  • Commons
  • Parking Lot
  • Rooftop Deck
  • All private, rentable offices
  • Shed
  • Fishbowl
  • Kitchen
  • Coworking
  • Coworking Loft
  • Wiki Workshop
  • Crash Pad

Each room page should have a similar design and include basic facts and statistics:

  • Name
  • Dimensions / size
  • Photo (or collage)
  • Description
  • Bulleted list of uses
  • Rental rates
  • Spaces available for members
  • Current schedule (in terms of Meetup and Gallery rooms -- just embed the google calendar)
  • Map showing this room in the building overall (highlight the room in the map)

All page should link to other pages for the rooms that are accessible from that room--so a person can click their way through the building as they would walk through it.

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Also check out this photoset which has pics of every room--which are terribly out of date:


I've started a new website design on our drupal gardens page, that will incorporate individual pages for each room. I've been taking photos and planning a banner design that will display images of each room. 

What would help me immensely is a variety of panoramic shots of each room to make a wide banner at the top of each page. James, I know you've used an iphone app to take these kind of wrap around shots before, is there anyway I could have access to those?

I'm exploring the available options on my android, (Photaf Panorama and Panorama beta) but I'm not entirely sure how satisfied I am with results thus far. Do you have any suggestions? 


If there's a budget, you could hire me. :)

I've done a lot of panoramic photography:

(There's also a lot of nice client stuff I've done that I can't really show publicly...)


I've created blank pages for all of the main rooms, (I still need to make one for the fish bowl, the "crash pad", the lounge and each of the offices which depend on the occupancy of the individuals involved.) on the drupal gardens version of the Bucketworks website. 

Do we have a real estate appraisal or a architect's floorplan somewhere that would actually list the square footage (or dimensions) of each room, or is that something I should calculate? 



James will have to look over what I've done already, and we'll make sure to keep you in mind. I think what we've accomplished so far today will be okay for right now. 

Thanks for stepping up so quickly, though!


Status: Open»Resolved
Due Date: »Sunday, May 27

Prezi tour completed and on website.


Status: Resolved»Open
Due Date: »Friday, Jun 8

We need a little more than the Prezi-- a "stat sheet" for each room that contains all the information that would be needed to decide to reserve it or not. (see description above)

Ideally there would be a button on the page or a form that would give a person the ability to request a reservation and follow up. It's more of a sales tool than a tour tool but a little of both.


Project: »Apiary on Deck Roof
Assigned To: Sasha Hay»Jenn Turner
Due Date: Friday, Jun 8»Tuesday, Sep 18

Jenn, reassigning this to you. Tim, does the new site have a page for each room?