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Create/Link notebook content for Emergentcy Schools in Atrium Group

Task: Create/Link notebook content for Emergentcy Schools in Atrium Group

Assigned To: 
James Carlson
Due Date: 
Friday, Dec 14

Goal is to get Emergentcy Schools' Atrium group as robust as that of the Space Fed.

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Started task today by creating structure for notebook:



Due Date: Sunday, Sep 23»Friday, Sep 28

Moving due date back. I started on this process but have not yet completed it.


Due Date: Friday, Sep 28»Friday, Oct 5

Moving due date. This is a bigger (time consuming) project than I orginally anticipated.


Due Date: Friday, Oct 5»Friday, Oct 12

Updating due date. I did not accomplish anything with this task this week.


Due Date: Friday, Oct 12»Tuesday, Oct 16

Need more time.


Due Date: Tuesday, Oct 16»Friday, Oct 26

Haven't yet had time to touch this. Updating due date.


Due Date: Friday, Oct 26»Friday, Nov 30

Now planning on attacking Space Fed Notebook first and follow with this Notebook.

Updating due date accordingly.


Due Date: Friday, Nov 30»Friday, Dec 14

Nowhere near on this. Moving due date again


Status: Open»Deferred

Deferring for now.


Assigned To: Meghan Koven»James Carlson

Reassigning to James due to my departure.