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Inventory tracking thing

Task: Inventory tracking thing

Assigned To: 
Due Date: 
Saturday, Apr 5

Inventory tracking database

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Assigned To: Dan»koanhead
Due Date: Monday, Apr 15»Friday, Oct 25

Reassigning to myself, as I haven't heard from Dan in a while and he's got other stuff going on.

Reminding myself to work on this:


Due Date: Friday, Oct 25»Saturday, Apr 5

reset due date. This project is not dead, but merely sleeping, like great Cthulhu in the drowned city of Rlyeh.

EIS is out, it is not fit for purpose. I have set up a new project:

Parts include:

setting up database tables congruent with the XML Schema that lshw uses setting up more tables for inventory tracking (able to import data from Dan's spreadsheet) setting up EVEN MORE tables for volunteer hours (again with the spreadsheet) figuring out how to integrate this with Mediawiki's database (or get mediawiki to interface with foreign databases) making a general-purpose interface (mediated by mediawiki for access control) for other apps

more details later if people ever actually start using this tracker