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Complete E-cycle registration process

Task: Complete E-cycle registration process

Due Date: 
Monday, Sep 30

This is done through the SAW website @

I had created a "freegeekseattle" account last year, and submitted us to be an "Electronics Products Recycler" through the Dept. of Ecology. Apparently the application never went through?

I re-submitted today and the application is currently in pending status.

Once approved, we should appear at

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Searched but did not find us. I don't know how to contact them in order to find out the application status.


Koanhead, It was discussed 2 board meetings ago.  We agreed that we would like to apply to join WA state e-cycle program when we are able to.  The problem is that we are unable to participate until we have a space with a loading dock & enough space for pallets and/or gaylords.  That is the only way the e-cycle program accepts ewaste.  Delimiter & I discussed it quite a bit, & we also discussed it with the other board members present.



Status: Open»Resolved

ok, sorry about that. Marking this 'Resolved' then.


Actually, it's best to leave this as ongoing.  In order for FGSea to survive in the long run, we need to get a larger, more appropriate  space &
then we can create our brick & mortar thrift store (which is what keeps a Free Geek funded).
A larger space with a loding dock will also allow us to participate in the WA state E-cycle program.



Status: Resolved»Deferred

OK, changing to 'deferred'. Sorry about the mix-up.


Excellent.  Thanks, koanhead.