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Setting up monthly contributions through PayPal

Task: Setting up monthly contributions through PayPal

Assigned To: 
James Carlson
Due Date: 
Friday, May 31

Request for information regarding how to do monthly contributions through PayPal to School Factory. 4TP is going to start a giving campaign among contributors soon and believe this would really help!

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Cody, what are the levels of monthly contribution you want to offer? Is it like a 10k / year spread out in 1/12 payments type of model?


James, We'd like to be able to offer folks that donated to our Start Some Good campaign the opportunity to spread out a charitable donation throughout the year and still get a tax break. People that might only be able to give $25 a month could give $21/monthly and still get a deduction. We think that kind of microgiving might be a good way to cover some smaller costs throughout the year while we look for larger donors.

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