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Obtain General Liability Insurance for the GEMSI organization

Task: Obtain General Liability Insurance for the GEMSI organization

Assigned To: 
Bilal Ghalib
Due Date: 
Wednesday, Oct 31

The School Factory can usually provide the programs it supports with General Liability insurance, and activities that occur off-site from our Milwaukee, Wisconsin location are usually covered with an additional premium of $167/year (which is paid for by the supported program.)

However, because GEMSI is operating internationally, the School Factory cannot provide any insurance coverage. This is based on information received from our insurance broker via email on 10/16/12.

Since GEMSI is leveraging the 501(c)3 status of the School Factory, business insurance is required. Without it, the School Factory is open to complete liability for GEMSI activities, and this is not an acceptable risk for our nonprofit organization.

I have included a due date of 10/31/12 on this task to allow GEMSI the opportunity to research and obtain this required insurance coverage.