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Profiles for advisory board members

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Task: Profiles for advisory board members

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Friday, May 18

It sure would be great to know who is behind GWOB, and to maybe show off how awesome we are.

Can I get a profile for each of you? Image of some sort, short bio, and links to things you support/build?

Once you've done yours, post it here and reassign the case to the next person in the list.

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Sara Farmer has spent over 20 years as a lead engineer, innovations strategist and manager, developing new technologies and business cultures, and turning theory into reliable practice. Her recent work includes working as Chief Architect at UN Global Pulse, on accessing and using big data sources and streams to improve detection and monitoring of development crises; as a lead in Standby Task Force and Crisis Camp London, receiving and collating information about natural crises and conflicts like Libya and Somalia and working on developing crisismapping as a discipline; and with Random Hacks of Kindness and Geeks Without Bounds as a systems designer working on new ways to develop crisis data technologies.  Her other recent work includes unmanned vehicles, intelligent transport systems, innovations management, information fusion and autonomy (how humans and automated reasoning algorithms work together) theory.


Thank you!

Links to projects, social media, and an image?


You want everything, don't you?

All social media on me is here:

Photo is... erm.. I have one somewhere...


yes! All the things!

Aaron, you're next.




Assigned To: Aaron Huslage»Schuback


Pascal is currently an Emergency Management Program Manager at King County Office of Emergency Management.  His work focuses on the technical side of the house developing and implementing collaborative methods using cloud computing, social media, existing and future technologies in emergency management. He also participates with training activites, incident command system workflow and other projects.  In 2009 Pascal was awarded “Best Collaboration and Information Sharing Award” from The Center for Digital Government.  He was previously employed with Multnomah County Emergency Management, in Portland, Oregon, as the County Response Coordinator.  During that time he developed and implemented the County Emergency Management Team training; project managed the redesign of the county emergency operations center and introduced the county management team to WebEOC. In 2007, Multnomah County was a primary player for the DHS Federal Top Officials “TOPOFF-4” exercise.  Pascal has also worked with Washington County Public Health in Hillsboro Oregon working with emergency preparedeness and planning.
He continues to participate with several regional organizations dedicated to building resilient emergency management and public/private programs throughout the Northwest and world. Participating with CrisisCommons, CrisisCamper, CrisisCamps, Random Hacks of Kindness (RHoK) and Geeks without Borders to help build technological tools in response to crisis around the world, developing social media tools and collaborative software systems to increase the mechanisms of communications include proof-of-concept testing on public/private governance and technology initiatives.  Pascal is a member of the International Association of Emergency Managers’ Emerging Technology Committee. Board member of the EMforum and serves on the Department of Homeland Securities Science and Technology’s Virtual Social Media Working Group.
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Assigned To: Schuback»Willow Brugh

I think I did this correctly.  let me know. 




Assigned To: Willow Brugh»Diggz

Pascal, you totally did!

Diggz, you're next!


Assigned To: Diggz»Riley

Johnny Diggz is an entrepreneur, musician, filmmaker and founder of Geeks without Bounds, an alliance of hackers who assist with humanitarian causes. In 1999 Diggz co-founded Voxeo Corporation and serves as Chief Evangelist for Tropo and Voxeo’s community of over 200,000 developers. He produced the indie feature film, The Karaoke King, a musical comedy that premiered in 2007 at the Cinema City International Film Festival. Diggz is also a professional dueling piano player and will perform at the slightest arm-twist. On Twitter: @johnnydiggz


Riley - you next!


Due Date: Thursday, Mar 8»Friday, May 18


Riley got me his. Aaron and Joshua, I'm completely missing yours.

James and Pascal, I need shorter ones.

Riley, Sara, I need pictures for you please.


Hi willow. I am Toronto. I fly out tomorrow and will have free Internet tomorrow at the airport and will get it done. Hope you are well. P Pascal Schuback 206.414.8799 @schuback On May 7, 2012, at 13:20, Willow Brugh wrote:


Assigned To: Riley»Aaron Huslage

Joshua R. Furman is an attorney in private practice in Southern California.  After a youth spent as a web developer and drummer in the halcyon days (for both music and technology) of 1990's Seattle, Joshua attended law school at Seattle University where he was editor in chief of the law review, a Presidential Law Scholar, and law clerk for the Center for Democracy and Technology in Washington DC, as well as externing for software companies in the Seattle area.  Joshua's current practice includes advising small and mid-size companies on intellectual property and general business matters and civil litigation.  He believes the law can facilitate, not obfuscate, and will never vacillilate when given the opportunity to explicate regarding whatever you want to innovate.


Aaron is a co-founder of Tethr which makes it easy for people and organizations to be reconnected with one another during crisis situations. 

He is also a founding partner of Carbon Imagineering, a UK-based technology think tank incubating a number of technology startups. In 2011 he was a co-founder of Safecast which provides crowdsourced radiation monitoring data to Japan. Aaron serves on the board of advisors of Geeks Without Bounds.

Previously, Aaron was a System Administrator and System Architect for major corporations such as Microsoft and Major League Baseball. He has also contributed his expertise to various media properties like GigaOm and O'Reilly Media. Aaron was formerly on the organizing committee for O'Reilly Media's ETel conference. In 2011, he helped shape Contact, a conference that seeks to explore the greater promise of social media.



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James Carlson is founder and director of the School Factory, Inc. a 501(c)3 non-profit that helps create and sustain open, transparent, and inclusive value-generating communities that bridge the gap between education, community, and workplaces. In 2002, he started Bucketworks, the world's first health club for the brain and one of the longest-operating and oldest hacker/makerspaces in the US. He is also CEO and co-founder of the Bucket Brigade, a team of business leaders, facilitators, designers, and technical experts who transform workplace culture from command-and-control to collaboration from the inside out. James applies his skills as expert facilitator and visual thinker to the vision of building an open, sustainable, and inclusive model of public learning that prepares humanity for its longest-term future.

James helped in the strategy and operations of GWOB from 2010-early 2012, and collaborated with Willow Brugh, Johnny Diggz and others on the development and modelling of the accelerator concept.

Profile image attached.


Assigned To: Aaron Huslage»Schuback

Thank you! Still need images, if you're comfortable with that.


Jumping in the queue in the interests of just getting this sorted already, here's my standard bio and headshot:


Eleanor Saitta is a hacker, designer, artist, writer, and barbarian.  She
makes a living and a vocation of understanding how complex systems operate and
redesigning them to work, or at least fail, better.  Her work is
transdisciplinary, using everything from electronics, software, and paint to
social rules and words as media with which to explore and shape our
interactions with the world.  Her focuses include the seamless integration of
technology into the lived experience, the humanity of objects and the built
environment, and systemic resilience and conviviality.

Eleanor is a co-founder of the Trike project, the Seattle Public N3rd Area space, and the Constitutional Analysis Support Team (CAST), and works on the Briar project and with the International Modern Media Institute (IMMI).  Trike ( is an open source threat modeling methodology and tool which partially automates the art of security analysis.  CAST ( works with national constitutional assemblies to improve the quality of the documents they create and ensure they correctly represent the stated intention.  Briar ( is a transport-agnostic, decentralized, latency-tolerant, message-oriented data transfer protocol supporting forward secrecy, persistent pseudonyms, and multiple devices.  IMMI ( is an organization which works toward rethinking media and ITC regulation for the digital age.

Eleanor is a regular speaker at conferences including the CCC Congress, SigInt, Uncivilization, ToorCon, and Arse Elektronika.  She currently works as a Senior Security Associate with Stach & Liu, a US-based security consulting firm, and is nomadic, living mostly in airports and occasionally in New York, London, and Stockholm.  She can be found at and on Twitter as @dymaxion.