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Make accounting transparent

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Task: Make accounting transparent

Assigned To: 
James Carlson
Due Date: 
Friday, Jun 29

Publish the accounts for GWOB in a transparent place. This will be an estimate for now - James will do the "Real Deal" after the School Factory accounts are sorted.

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Been working on making accounting consistent - making sure everyone has been paid, that things that were separately funded (like GameSave and RHoKs) are not muddling the accounting.


I suggest when we post the budget on the website, we use a slideshow and then link to final budget. Budgets can be confusing for the uninitiated!


Going for a page on the site, rather than a blog entry.

"At GWOB, we believe in transparent accounting. We don't mean handing out bank account numbers or the W9s of people who work with us, but the ability of anyone to see what sort of money we spend on what kinds of projects. It keeps us honest. And it lets you (the volunteer, employee, investor) see what we're up to.

Here's our budget right now. It's a rough estimate - we're working on getting The Official Numbers(TM) back from our accounting firm. But I keep pretty good records, so this should be pretty close."


Assigned To: Willow Brugh»Diggz
Due Date: Saturday, May 5»Monday, May 7

Just waiting on Diggz's feedback on the page for the website.


Project: !Governance»Graduating Geeks Without Bounds

Diggz, can you check it out?

When done, pass the task to James - he's working on getting the *actual* accounting done. The current post are estimates from my own recollection.


Assigned To: Diggz»James Carlson
Due Date: Monday, May 7»Friday, Jun 29

By end of June we should have a full accounting of GWOB's financial activity since 2011. At that time I will export a QB file and upload / attach here.