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Final funds transfer from SF to GWOB

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Task: Final funds transfer from SF to GWOB

Assigned To: 
James Carlson
Due Date: 
Wednesday, Jun 13

We need to transfer GWOB's final balance from SF to GWOB's new account. Willow, when you have the account set up, reassign this to me and we will arrange the transfer.

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Assigned To: Willow Brugh»James Carlson

Account is set up. Info sent via mail.


Priority: Normal»High
Due Date: Friday, Jun 15»Thursday, May 31

As School Factory is no longer paying me, this needs to happen today so AFP can pay me and I can pay rent.


Running your final SF paycheck to bank today. This will be the last one you get from SF, funds transfer will initiate within next 7 business days.


Due Date: Thursday, May 31»Wednesday, Jun 13

After speaking with James today, he indicated that School Factory needed to line up things with their bank to prevent being charged any strange fees for having a different account balance. He assures me the funds will be transfered by Wednesday at the latest, preventing a need for SF to have to do another paycheck round, and so upcoming travel can be covered.