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Add Geeks Without Bounds as a trade name to AFHP

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Task: Add Geeks Without Bounds as a trade name to AFHP

Assigned To: 
Willow Brugh
Due Date: 
Thursday, Jun 21 after May 20th, add as Trade Name to Accelerator for Humanitarian Projects.

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Do you want to talk about federal trademark protection as well?  We should be able to do it for a single class, which would be a filing fee of $275.

State trade name protection is very limited.


Due Date: Friday, Jun 8»Thursday, Jun 21

Do you think it's a necessary step? If so, sure thing. Let me know steps.

Pushing the deadline back as I have to wait for the transfer of funds from School Factory to the org's bank account.


It's necessary to the extent that it is the only reasonable step to take to protect the name.  It's relatively cheap and gives GWOB some good presumptions in its favor in the case of infringement.

As far as next steps, my recommendation is registration of 3 marks.  One for "GEEKS WITHOUT BOUNDS" as text, one for "GWOB" as text and one for "+)"--either as text or graphic.  The main things I would need to know to proceed would be the dates that each was first used "in commerce," i.e., the dates that someone (prolly Diggz?) first used each as a name for the thing that GWOB does.

It is not necessary for GWOB to do business or for AHP to continue to enjoy and accumulate rights to the name.

There is a $275 filing fee for each.  We can discuss financial issues separately, let's not have it stress the GWOB budget for now.


Additional note: I found an abandoned federal TM application for "GEEKS WITHOUT BORDERS" for " computer-mediated eleemosynary service to create and manage volunteer virtual marketplace matching computer scientists to disaster and hunger relief agencies based on computer-generated skills and needs profiles; promotion of public awareness of crisis assistance."

The applicant's name was Timothy Browne, out of Massachusetts.

Two thoughts:

1.  This indicates a heightened need to do the TM.

2.  Is this person known to any GWOBers?  What came of the project?