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Project: !Governance

James Carlson

 The School Factory will establish program processes and infrastructure to develop, sustain, and measure the program’s activities:

  1. Development of GWOBorg Theory of Change (model for decision making): where we intend to go, and how we mean to get there, including both domestic and international strategy
  2. Establish an Advisory Board to continue the program’s governance, establish effective measurements, and set the strategic direction of the program, partners, and sponsors
  3. Create a Volunteer pool to become involved with program operations: Marketing, Social Media/Outreach, Programming, Emergency Monitoring (CC), and program events
  4. Develop and track a set of Measures of Impact that quantify the value of the program activities to society
  5. Provide program staff, advisers, and volunteers with an OpenAtrium website for transparent project management, internal program communications
  6. Create and maintain contractual agreements with partner organizations, sponsors, and vendors required to carry out program activities, acting as legal representative for the program
  7. Develop a tiered sponsorship model to engage other technology and aid organizations in the financial support of this program.
Project Tasks