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Project: Activities


 The School Factory will assume primary responsibility for program activities and events, which are its primary source of involvement and directly advance the program objectives and measurements.

GWOBorg achieves its social impact through a variety of events, projects, and educational opportunities. These activities engage a diverse global population of software developers and technologists, students, partner organizations, sponsors, aid organizations, civil and government agencies and most importantly the end recipients of aid.  
  1. Participation in and support of 2 global events (such as hack-a-thons, contests) by providing access to passionate local communities
  2. Participation in and support of 1 major national humanitarian event
  3. 6 small weekend projects or gatherings at specific domestic and international spaces, to establish a core community of active participants in various locations
  4. 6 major stories or media products that show how this program has impact for crisis victims, those responding to the disaster, and the hackers and makers assisting them.
  5. Establish an international network of participating Agents in different cities and related teams--these are individuals or groups who form an ‘on tap’ network of responsive participants who will contribute proactively to developing solutions
  6. Identify partner events and organizations that align with GWOBorg values, such as Random Hacks of Kindness, and involve GWOBorg in the activities of these organizations
  7. Provide ongoing communications and activities to keep those GWOBorg members/agents engaged and on their game, both through direct program activities and partnerships
  8. Collect and manage a profile of ideas and solutions that have yet to be implemented by specific teams but are requested from civil service organizations, aid organizations, NGOs and communities
  9. Development of programming examples for education, to encourage students to code and create with purpose, covering a variety of skill levels.
  10. Form partnerships with institutions of higher learning, public schools, and other learning organizations to develop a core curriculum for crisis-driven technology development educational programming.
Project Tasks
Task Due Assigned Priority Type Status Updatedsort icon Likes
Submit a talk to SXSW 1747 days late Willow Brugh Normal Task Open 4 years ago
Create rolodex of potential partners, funders, etc 1779 days late Diggz Normal Task Open 4 years ago
Base code for Occupy Can Has? and Occupy Has Ben Acker Normal Task Open 5 years ago