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Create Wikipedia page for GWOB

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Task: Create Wikipedia page for GWOB

Assigned To: 
Lisha Sterling
Due Date: 
Thursday, Jul 19

Start a wikipedia page for GWOB.  Doesn't need to be all-encompasing but would be good to have something along the lines of this:


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Assigned To: Eri Comparri»Lisha Sterling
Due Date: »Thursday, Jul 19

Any chance one of you lovely people would be willing to work on this? Wikimedia's preference is that it not be written by people who are a part of the org.

The new about page on should help, and there are tons of links to stuff we've done as well.

Let me know if you have questions?


Should the page be




I can't give you a timeframe, since I'm slammed with other things right now, but this is in my head, and I will get to it if no one else gets to it first. ;) 


Thanks, Lisha!

Geeks_Without_Bounds, please.