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Create 2012 MOA for GWOB Support

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Task: Create 2012 MOA for GWOB Support

Assigned To: 
Willow Brugh
Due Date: 
Monday, Jul 9

Create a new MOA for the GWOB program for 2012, focused on the transition to the incubator model.

Draft Google Doc

Submit to Diggz for review and approval.


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Assigned To: James Carlson»Willow Brugh
Due Date: Thursday, Jan 19»Friday, May 11

I cleared out a lot of the accountabilities from the original MOA since they no longer apply and genericized the template so it could be used with any org. 

We'll need to adapt this doc to reflect the new accelerator model as well. 


Willow, I know you prepared a summary of the actions taken in 2011 for GWOB, and I'm working on the history part of the 2012 MOA. Where is that summary? Put task back on me when you find; I want to put that in the doc along with the rest of the news on the accelerator model so we can use it as a framework for future support.



Due Date: Friday, May 11»Monday, Jul 9

In process. Going to be a bit longer.