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Clean up invoicing process

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Task: Clean up invoicing process

Assigned To: 
Willow Brugh
Due Date: 
Friday, Jun 29

Matt, the current process is incredibly bulky. Can you put your designer's eye to it and see how we might clean it up?

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Assigned: Matt Borgatti » James Carlson

M@ put this together. Please approve:


If anyone has questions or comments about the method, please ping me. I've tried to devise something that uses Atrium as much as possible, creating few external channels and requiring the tiniest concievable squirt of programming. 


I like the flow. We're moving to a new cloud-based accounting system as well, so we can be much more transparent with transactional histories. Does that change the flow in any way? (We're looking at

I think we can do this with the notifications system and careful checkboxing, using Case Tracker for the approvals and forwarding of tasks, etc.

Nice visual, too!



Thanks for the input. I believe the only change to the invoicing flow would be that the individual job ID#'s should be attached to the relevant entries in the accounting software so everything is searchable. Otherwise I'm not certain there needs to be any difference in how everybody interacts.


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Due Date: Monday, Feb 6»Friday, May 18

Should we move this diagram M@ created into the Notebook and make it our official policy? 

Secondly--we've cleaned up the Atrium Work Tracker quite a bit, so it's now a lot easier to 'see' what's assigned / outstanding using the My Tasks and All Tasks views as well as better filters. What if we create a Project for each of the four categories and use it like a queue:

  1. Task created in Proposal project
  2. Task moved to Approved project, anything in there is "go", stays in there during "Labor" phase
  3. Task moved to Confirmation project, anything in there is "payable"
  4. Task resolved when invoice paid


Assigned To: James Carlson»Willow Brugh
Due Date: Friday, May 18»Friday, Jun 29

This is on my plate now, as funds and general GWOB stuff is.