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Marketing Committee

Project: Marketing Committee

Due Date: 
Wednesday, Apr 2


Supports the nonprofit by developing program collateral to support the marketing and development of the organization.




Design of program materials


  1. Infographic to be used in presentations & online communications

  2. Biz cards, workshop flier, unisex t-shirts, achievement certificate, oversee parent/teacher postcard (Robin update existing?)

  3. iconography - graphic file to be used for social media/eNews items: mentor circle, mentor training

  4. Showcase design portfolio in online & conference settings to receive recognition for your contributions (like a dibble portfolio).

  5. Submit branded items to awards (like IABC) to receive recognition for your work & to network the organization.





Mentor postcard (partner with Mentor Outreach Officer)




Generate income from Online Fundraising


  • Sell t-shirts, magnet boards on our website/etsy through 3rd party that’s integrated into our site:

  • Create etsy store or social media promotion


Project Tasks
Task Due Assigned Priority Type Status Updatedsort icon Likes
2013 plan 1508 days late Normal Task Open 4 years ago