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Create Prezi visual overview / annotated ‘pitch tool’

Task: Create Prezi visual overview / annotated ‘pitch tool’

Assigned To: 
James Carlson
Due Date: 
Friday, Aug 17


  1. Schedule a work session (G+ hangout)
  2. Create a visual
  3. Record a narrative
  4. Could use existing 6:40 Ignite pitch description for part of the pitch (background, etc.) and then add Mach30 specific pitch
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Due Date: Sunday, Apr 15»Thursday, May 31

Here are dates I'm proposing for G+ hangout. I've already reserved them, just claim one that works for you guys:

  • 5/9, 730CST
  • 5/10 730CST
  • 5/12 230 / 4CST

I'm also pushing due date to end of May for overall task. I hope this is okay with you guys! Are there impending events that are coming up in Mach30's world that it would make sense to target?


J is traveling all next week so these times will be difficult or impossible for him.  I'll poll the rest of the team and see if they can make it.  If we get enough people there it might be ok to do the first meeting on this without J.


If we can get three Mach 30 people for any of these days I'd say lets meet.  I'm more free on Wednesday (9th) or Thursday (10th) evenings, and may be less free on Sat (12th).  


I actually think I can make either of the week day times (5/9 or 5/10).  Of course, we need to be aware of our time on 5/10 since it is a Thur and we will also have a regular Mach 30 Hangout.


Oh, one additional comment.  If I recall correctly, one thing that came up when discussing the Prezi pitch tool orignially was the quesiton of what would we do if we had a large influx of money.  In other words, what are we pitching beyond Mach 30 itself.  We may want to start off this work with that question, and I think it should be tied back to the work we set out to do this year in the Mach 30 planning retreat (things like expanding open source spaceflight hardware projects, connecting with like minded folks, expanding open source hardware generally, etc).


i should be able to make Wednesday at 8:30 (est). Could manage Thursday, but would be less pleased about it. Saturday is right out :)


Turns out I can't do Wed. (I have another hangout about the Newsletter) but having Bekah there is better than having me there.  So I suggest we schedule this tomorrow night--Wed, May 9th at 8:30 EDT/ 7:30 CDT.  The attendees would be J, Bekah, Greg, and James.  (Jeremy wants to focus on Shepard and it will be 12:30 AM where Daryn is).

Leave a comment if there is a problem--otherwise have a great hangout and I'll catch up in the notes!



Do you want to start the hangout when it is time, or should I?



Sorry I didn't make it clear -- originally I thought we'd pick a date and vote, but instead I just decided to make these working sessions and invite you to join whenever you wanted.

I'll post a schedule for the next couple of weeks here shortly. We're making good progress!

I suggest you guys work on the spreadsheet and add the things you're asking for. The sky is the limit here!! Ask for what you dream of. (If you don't have access to the script spreadsheet let me know or I'll add you in the next hangout.)


Due Date: Thursday, May 31»Friday, Jun 15

Pushing this out to June 15th-- as mentioned elsewhere, I'm swamped until after June 8.


Due Date: Friday, Jun 15»Friday, Aug 17

I've reviewed J's excellent presentation and started to merge it all into one big thingiejob. But before we do that, I think we should talk about this new project we're plotting on G+, because I think it's a shorter path to funds for M30. Deferring until 8/17.