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Support and Consult on Fundraising for Mach 30

Task: Support and Consult on Fundraising for Mach 30

Assigned To: 
James Carlson
Due Date: 
Friday, Aug 10


  1. Develop an ask
  2. Identify joint projects and programs to ask around
  3. Share identified targets list(s)
  4. Share grant proposal docs
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Due Date: Monday, Apr 30»Wednesday, May 30

Fundraising starts with a budget. Do you have one you can share? Or should we make one? :)

I'm pushing deadline for this to May 30 as well.


We are doing our budgeting project by project this year--in our annual plan we chose to focus on flexibility and experimentation over set systems and random guesses.  

So to move forward on this we need to pick a project we planned for this year and put together a budget with the project budget template tool.  Here's a link to the template tool:  Make sure you are on the Project Budget tab and remember all the tabs beginning with "x" are old information retained for reference--they do not impact this year's budget.  Click here to review how the template works and how we decided to use it.


commenting again to make sure notices go to all group members.  (still figuring out how Atrium works)


<suggestion>  How about another high altitude balloon launch? That way Greg doesnt have to fund it himself. </suggestion>


<suggestion2> Should we readdress the idea to roll all fundraising into projects now that we have a person willing to assist with fundraising specifically?  </suggestion2>


RE: Suggestion 1 - I think one of the things we should definitely try to do is fund many more open source spaceflight hardware projects (HABs included)

RE: Suggestion 2 - That's a good question.  I think we need to be careful not to replow old ground before we get to another planning phase, but it is worth noting that we have a new opportunity here that could help address some of the previous stumbling blocks.


I apologize for my ignorance, but what are HABs?


High Altitude Balloons.  J loves a TLAs (Three Letter Acronym)


Sorry for getting off topic here, but it might be helpful at some point (if it hasn't been done already) to create a listing of the acronymns that Mach 30 uses. That could be really helpful new volunteers.


Good point, Jeremy, about the acronyms (three letter and otherwise).  I'll start working on a Mach 30 glossary this week.


In terms of helping with this, can I ask that we resume after June 8? Bucketworks is celebrating its 10th anniversary party this Friday, and I'm swamped til then. Can we pick some times to pick up next week?


Due Date: Wednesday, May 30»Friday, Jun 22

(Moving deadline)


Next week will be fine.   Good luck with the party!

I think I shared this with everyone directly, but I'll post it here as well:  here are the starting notes for the "ask" portion of the Prezi.


Due Date: Friday, Jun 22»Friday, Aug 10

Ok guys. I have a project in mind that I think is the perfect way for Mach30 to raise some funds. When can we G+ and talk about it?


Hi there,

I believe we are scheduled to discuss Fundraising at this week's Mach 30 Hangout. That would seem like a perfect time to talk about it if you can make that meeting (Tomorrow - Thursday, 10pm EDT)