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Create Makerscouts PR Kit

Project: Create Makerscouts PR Kit

Due Date: 
Friday, Jun 15
James Carlson

Develop a brand and public web site for Makerscouts program.

Migrate the existing site to a CMS so we can easily collaborate and manage the site.

Populate site with content about program.

  • Embed video or link to video of James's part of the Yuri's Night video talking about Makerscouts? Can we extract that part of that video?
  • Is there a Makerscouts Prezi to embed or link to?

School Factory to adopt and absorb costs related to the site hosting and management.

Project Tasks
Task Due Assigned Priority Type Status Updatedsort icon Likes
Create DaVinci Badge Board 1665 days late Dan C Normal Task Open 4 years ago
Create Drupal site for 1778 days late James Carlson Normal Task Deferred 4 years ago
Transfer DNS for to new site hosting location 1824 days late jarickc Normal Task Deferred 4 years ago