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Create Drupal site for

Task: Create Drupal site for

Assigned To: 
James Carlson
Due Date: 
Friday, Jun 15

Set up a Drupal site we can use to build public facing website. Use content from the existing Makerscouts site.

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Due Date: Monday, Apr 30»Friday, May 11

I need to push the deadline for this just a bit! Let's work together on formative details and then publish the site based on that.


Any movement on this?


Due Date: Friday, May 11»Friday, Jun 15

From Jarick, new site set up at, James made admin. Pushing deadline to mid-June to get content ready.


Dan, I'd love to collaborate with you on this project. Jarick, can you set Dan up with an admin account?


Status: Open»Deferred

Wait till a need for drupal arises.


sure id love to help but i dont know much web coding.