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Develop Badges and "Pitch Kit" for Recruiting Makerscout

Task: Develop Badges and "Pitch Kit" for Recruiting Makerscout

Assigned To: 
Dan C
Due Date: 
Saturday, Jul 21

We'll need classy and professional designed badges for activities and a brochure to recruit potential Makerscout tribes. For now since we dont' have activities themselves, perhaps we just create the templates for these things. You can attach here and we'll discuss on the 21st.

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I really like the simplicity of the logo. 
What about this- template and sample badge<


im working on them right now, i had a little computer trouble this week. everything will be up tomorrow. 


I couldn't help myself. Been pouring over a 1993 edition of the Brownie Scout Handbook. ;)


heres one test badge, i left room so the crew could put leds threw them hope u like it. more will be up soon :)


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I like that you can make it an active badge. Hopefully our saws badge won't have sharp spinning things. :) A while back James and I discussed a Maker Scout back pack as a place to put the badges (vice a uniform). I think this would be great for that.


ya im trying to come up with ideas that make them as interactive as possible. if any wants to put idea in on how to do this ur more then welcome. see you all at tomorrows meeting


Dan, I think now that we have our four activities, this becomes even easier. Would you please come up with badges for:

  1. Balsa Glider
  2. Banjo Box
  3. Bedroom Security
  4. Computer Simulator

Also, check with the Mozilla OpenBadge project and see if there are design guides/standards we should look at in order to be interoperable with this project.


ya my thought process was now that we have over all lessons we could have thoses as lesson badges which would be alittle bigger and then have smaller one like the one above for thingss like learning to soilder or other skill they might pick up inside the lesson.



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this one


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8/18/12 glider badge





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Alright, here is a draft brochure/flyer geared to the kids.


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And a draft parent flyer


I've put everything in this folder including working documents for edits