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Develop a template of assessments and questions for Makerscouts

Task: Develop a template of assessments and questions for Makerscouts

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Saturday, Aug 4

Create a set of questions that we can use to design good measures for each activity that is carried out during Makerscouts--think of small easy ways to measure big data, so we can share that data with future funders and sponsors, and use it to help develop and improve Makerscouts. 

Create a Book Page for these questions.

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Assigned To: Lisha Sterling»pmason

Paul, if you'd like, I'll work together with you on this. 


What questions would we ask to get to examples for behavior and motivation? (Example for Boys and Girls club)

Other examples of quantitative measures:

  • How much money is spent on the activity?
  • How much time did you spend setting up (tribe, activity)?
  • How many hours of activity were there?
  • Which STEAM topics were addressed (keywords)?

We can build Webforms in the Drupal site to cover off these ideas and capture the data from each tribe.

Please edit the page at Measures of Impact (Book page in Makerscouts)


So I setup a Drupal install but as far as doing anything with it I am clueless. If anyone wants to take a hack at it sign up for an account Then shoot me an email jarickc at gmail dot com and I will authorize your account and give you the proper permissions.


Hi Jarick, I just created an account called "lishevita" at the Drupal site.


How happy are we with this document?  meant to ask last night? If we're roughly happy with it may I suggest that for the trial and Initial stages we use survey monkey for the gathering of the data. I suggest survey monkey as I use it extensively at work, we could probably get away with the free version and it's really easy with good data output. They can do it on paper and input it later or all do it online at once, etc...

So if we were ok with that I would go away and make it and test it.

As to James' comments. The first three bullet points look like sort of feedback at the leader organiser on the activity. Seems sensible. Shall I make that up alongside fleeing out the activity packs? It's probably easier to do it along side and get people to review it than it is to have to do it retrospectively.

Keywords, to do it right, needs a degree of sustainability from the outset. Just like a big website I suppose as you'll end up with lots of activities and hopefully people submitting them as well. So I would suggest that keywording is probably work hard a discussion thread in its own right.

What do people think?



Ok I sketched this out in a free survey.

However looks like survey monkey has decreased what it gives you for free since I last looked. It's only good for 100 responses but we can hack round that by saving the responses and resetting it. All depends how many people will be answering it. I'm sure we could make something similar in drupal quite easily. The free version isn't evening using https and that makes me uncomfortable with data about kids in any format.


Share a preview link from within Survey Monkey?