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Draft "How to form a Makerscouts Tribe" checklist

Task: Draft "How to form a Makerscouts Tribe" checklist

Assigned To: 
James Carlson
Due Date: 
Saturday, Sep 1

We need to develop a checklist that would be used by anyone who wants to start a Makerscouts Tribe (such as a facilitator) to get a tribe set up.

This would include all of the legal and liability type considerations that the tribe leader needs to follow, and would also include collecting signatures from participating kids and their parents, etc.

Draft a notebook page with ideas for policies. Meghan can help heavily with this.

(TO BE DISCUSSED at Aug 4 meeting)

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Project: Program Development»Tribe Development
Due Date: Saturday, Jul 28»Friday, Aug 24

Moving to right project and adjusting deadline.


Assigned To: »James Carlson
Due Date: Friday, Aug 24»Saturday, Sep 1

The Form a Tribe Checklist (Book page in Makerscouts) has been drafted. I tried to think of all the steps we'd want anyone to agree to complete if they start a tribe this fall. We can change this for next year for sure. Please make edits directly to the Notebook if you have ideas.

I was trying to think of every testable check step we would want to be able to walk a tribe through to make sure everything is done and covered, from a philosophy to a measurement to a policy level.