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Complete Activity Pack for Balsa Glider

Task: Complete Activity Pack for Balsa Glider

Due Date: 
Saturday, Sep 1

Finalize the activity pack for the Balsa Glider activity.

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Project: Program Development»Develop Makerscouts Activities

Relocating to right project. 


Due Date: Thursday, Aug 23»Saturday, Sep 1

This is a ton of work! Let's all pitch in and help finish the documents for Balsa Glider. 

To me, this means we have:

  1. Complete each week's Activity for Balsa Glider
  2. Complete Activity Arc cover sheet for Balsa Glider
  3. Each badge that can be earned has a symbol
  4. System of measure or feedback form for that activity

Badges will be derived from the STEAM principles that we come up with for the activity.



Attachments: »+, +, +, +, +

Attached are the Scout Dispatch files for all 4 activities in this arc. You can find them here too:

I welcome edits to the design. I'd like to work with the activity developers to fill these with the approriate content.