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Complete "Working with Minors" policy docs

Task: Complete "Working with Minors" policy docs

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Friday, Sep 21


Complete revisions of policy guides for background checks and working with youth; then publish in Notebook.

  1. SF Liability Policy for working with minors DRAFT
  2. SF Criminal Background Checking Policy DRAFT
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Status: Open»Resolved

I believe I have already completed this task:

What still needs to be established is a procedure for handling misconduct complaints made by Makerscouts about their Tribe leadership and other Makerscouts.




I think I am late to this as I missed last week, I'd comment on the document but it seems closed. There are two things I'd like to add for consideration. One is a clarification about the one on one policy. In my experience with the uk scout association and the training it gives this is quite explicitly stated that one on one is not having physical contact with a child/scout/whatever... Now, there are discussions in structured training about when that rule is allowed to be broken: child is falling off cliff, child is about to fall off cliff. I suppose an applicable situation here is with hot metal/ sharp objets/  But the golden rule is not touching a child without cause. And the second golden rule is, as you have defined, not being in a situation where it could be construed as you were alone with a child. 

Somewhere you have to have this written into the policy under emergency situations like first aid, because it becomes important to realise that taking a kid out who has cut him/herself on your own is not an option, but also taking two leaders out of a situation where there is risk is also stupid. So there seemed to be a third rule about: if the situation deemed necessary it was ok to break the first  two rules as long as there was reason and as long as the leaders were trained in the first place. This rule was to only used where there was loss of life or extreme upset to those around.

The other thing is a horrible thing and it's to do with what we would call child protection in the uk, it's about the discourser of allegations of abuse sadly, and it does happen I'm afraid.  There are two simple rules for this:

You can't promise you won't tell anyone. So "can I tell you something but you have to promise not to tell?" should always be answered with something like, " I can listen if you want to tell me something but I can't promise I won't have to tell someone" or something along those lines. The second rule is that if a kid tells you something like this (as happens sadly) or you have strong suspicions there is abuse you should report that. (And if it grows to many troops there should be a mechanism for that) 

This was training I saw get embedded into the scout association over the years and training I was given automatically as a teacher. I'll find a child protection organisation with an open policy. At the top end it safeguards you and well, at the bottom end, if it happens and there is a disclosure well people know what to do.

Sorry I have to discuss such horrible things but it is important.




Assigned To: Meghan Koven»pmason
Status: Resolved»Open
Due Date: Saturday, Sep 8»Friday, Sep 21

Paul this is REALLY good feedback. Thank you!

I have changed the permissions on the "Working With Minors" document so folks that have a link to it can edit the document. I have also reassigned this task to you and would greatly appreciate it if you could make any changes you feel are needed.

I also think we need to add content about a procedure for handling misconduct complaints made by Makerscouts about their Tribe leadership and other Makerscouts.

Please let me know if you have questions or concerns. I appreciate your help!